me and my blessings

me and my blessings

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hawk Football Gold Card

Hawk Football kicks of their Coupon Card Fundraiser tomorrow. This card really does have some great deals. Mike&Colton's fave is the ChickenExpress: buy a 4TenderCombo get 4Tenders,a buscuit & gravy for $2. My fave is the Route44 for 99cents at RO Sonic. There are many good my posts for more. Think ab...out buying from my Hawk if you don't have one, be sure to buy from someone. $20
Let me know on facebook and I will get them to you...$20each. Many other good deals-I will list as comment because I am sure that I am about to run out of space. HOCK Football RAWKS!  Colton will be selling and sister seller Sierra will be helping as well. The Hawk numbers are up, yeah, so buying cards from your Hawk is going to help the entire program.  Hawk Gold Card also has $5 off $20 at DeSoto El Chico.  Hawk Gold Card also has $1 off smoothie at Waxahachie's Smoothie Factory. 

Some Hawk Gold Card Deals in RO

Acalpulco's...Free Mexican Special w/purchase of Mexican Special #1-#9

Juniors...$0.99 chopped BBQ with Purchase of same

Cancuns...Free Mexican Special w/purchase of Mexican Special 1-11
So, Find a HAWK Football player and buy Gold Cards from them...Let's make this a record year all around!!!
GO Hawks, Hawk Families, Hawk Friends and Hawk Fans!!!

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