me and my blessings

me and my blessings

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas & Happy 2012

It's me, Maria, hoping that I can do a better job posting to my blog in 2012.  It will be an exciting year with Sierra graduating from high school (plans to attend Texas A&M are is on her agenda), Parker finishing her first year of school (attending Shields elementary & she loves it), Colton getting his driver's license, and Mike and I being very proud parents of all 3!  We will celebrate our 22 anniversary in the Summer.  Friends, who really know me, let me know if there are certain things that you would like me to share...I love you all and wish you the MERRIEST 2012!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Do you shop CVS? CVS: Free Bag Tag & Crystal Light Moneymaker

So if you shop CVS on a regular basis, you really need to take advanage of the BAG TAG that Southern Savers shared today.

There are two great coupons printing from the in-store coupon center kiosk at CVS right now. You can get a coupon for a free bag tag and $1 off Crystal Light.
CVS Kiosk

Attach the green bag tag to any reuseable shopping bag. Then everytime you shop in CVS scan the bag tag at checkout and every 4th scan gives you to $1 ECB. Your card will only track one scan per day.

If you get the $1 off Crystal Light coupon:

This is awesome because there are single packs for 50¢ each! This allows you to make 50¢, or get 2 packs for free.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Time is Coming...Start Couponing

So with Summer coming, I may need to help my wonderful husband with the couponing endeavor. He does so good.  He buys 2 papers on Saturday (early edition), cuts out the coupons, makes his list (in his mind - how I don't know), and then goes out Sunday morning before the rest of us are up (so before church) and does some coupon shopping.  He DOES NOT deviate from what he goes in for unless asked, so no money wasted. 

I compiled a list of sites that are so helpful - thanks to all of you for making this your passion and helping the rest of us out.  If you have other favorites, be sure to let me know.

I am sure there are more but here is a great start…

Have a Beautiful Day!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What's a girl to do...

with bits of left over heat transfer?
Embellish a blank T in a Valentine-ish kind of way for my sweet 17 year old daughter, Sierra.
I got a Silhouette for Christmas and am enjoying figuring it out through trial, error, and wonderful blog tutorials & advice.  I volunteered to help embellish some tanks for the Hawkette Drill Team weeks maybe even months ago (way before I got this fun product) and the project finally came to fruition.  Anyway, I have scraps left over from this project...
and could see letting it go to waste.  So much fun!
Can't wait to share what I do with vinyl & valentines soon!
Stay warm...Maria

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Pioneer Woman's 2011 Book Trip Schedule has been POSTED!

The Pioneer Woman has posted her High Heels book trip schedule.  She will be in Dallas on February 14th at 6:00. Dallas at BORDER on 10720 Preston Rd.  Ree (The Pioneer Woman) says "the published version of Black Heels will be released February 1, 2011 and will include the complete online serial (with added material) as well as a whole new section, which documents our entire first year of marriage"

If you haven't read her story go to her High Heels and Tractor Wheels page. Get a preview or read it all! Oh, and this links you to the beginning - so read forward.  I really enjoyed reading what I did but life takes over so I haven't been able to read it all.  I look forward to getting the book. 

Til next time....hopefully sooner than later!