me and my blessings

me and my blessings

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Molasses Cookies

I love it when I find things, recipes, ideas, etc. that I want to try.  I feel that I should share just in case the people in my world want to try it too - so I post it here and then share on Facebook.

Little Birdie Secrets is referencing a recipe from the Pioneer Woman's Blog that I will definately want to try this fall.  Find it here ...and enjoy. I love both of these lady's blogs.


What is more precious than taking a still photo of someone, your children, than taking it from the back of them while they are watching something (history being made) and not noticing that you are taking it.  This id my Parker Faith and Kristen's Brooke watching the halftime of the Red Oak 29-Waxahachie 20 game.  The score almost says it all. From what I know Red Oak has never beat Waxahachie so it is quite an accomplishment and a GREAT feeling knowing that we are on record, now, for beating the Indians under the direction of my wonderful husband and his coaching staff. Also on this day Coach Young, our quarterback coach, and his wife/my friend Evelyn had their precious first child...Ryker Burton Young.  It was a GREAT day!