me and my blessings

me and my blessings

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Pioneer Woman's 2011 Book Trip Schedule has been POSTED!

The Pioneer Woman has posted her High Heels book trip schedule.  She will be in Dallas on February 14th at 6:00. Dallas at BORDER on 10720 Preston Rd.  Ree (The Pioneer Woman) says "the published version of Black Heels will be released February 1, 2011 and will include the complete online serial (with added material) as well as a whole new section, which documents our entire first year of marriage"

If you haven't read her story go to her High Heels and Tractor Wheels page. Get a preview or read it all! Oh, and this links you to the beginning - so read forward.  I really enjoyed reading what I did but life takes over so I haven't been able to read it all.  I look forward to getting the book. 

Til next time....hopefully sooner than later!